Imogen Heap.

So my plans for fall concerts weren't as successful as originally planned, but I did make it to Imogen Heap, which  I am thrilled about. There's s something about her music that immediately when I heard it tonight I just wanted to close my eyes and enjoy the moment. Her voice is incredible and unique, and her speaking voice is brilliant. I just need to vocalize my appreciation for artists of all mediums, specifically musicians and their talents. I'm grateful that they share their musical abilities with us.
Also, can I just say how much I love Salt Lake? What a great music scene.

She's beautiful, and insane talented.
Thanks Imogen.
Tonight was lovely.


Jessica Kettle said...

haha, i was there too! i can't believe we missed eachother in the sea of dirty smooshed together people. shucks. she was amazing, the venue ruined it for me a little.

Tanya said...

Jealous. One day I will not be poor and incredible artists will come to my house and play private shows for me and my friends and we'll all drink martinis and laugh about the days when we were poor. Delusional much? I just aim high. . .

Love, T