There are three shows this fall I absolutely can not miss.
I haven't seen any of them before, and the list of concerts to see will be greatly fulfilled after this fall.
Imogen Heap...can't wait.
Regina, I missed it last year and it's one of my life's biggest regrets...kind of.
The Sounds! It will just be one big dance party.

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Megan and Melissa said...

I really want to see Regina in concert this year too. I love her music and have never been to a concert of hers before. The other two concerts sound like they would be alot of fun too. I will have to see which ones I can go to. Also, I never got to tell you how gorgous your wedding pictures are that were featured on Jessica Kettle's blog. I don't know how you are going to choose which ones you want prints off....they are beathtaking. Hope you have a good weekend.