This weekend was awesome, full of peach cobbler, camping, boating and laughs. 
We had an awesome time Rod and Tanya, thank you for spending the weekend with us and taking us on your boat! We are up for camping anytime. 
Dancing like apes around the fire, not sure if that was the initial intention, but from this picture I would say that's what happened. 
Amazing peach cobbler, without the handy hammer it couldn't have happened.
Gorge Tanya and Rod. Gorge.

Childlike tendencies shown with melted marshmellow. 

This is Rod's attempt to tie the rope to the tower. Very unique right? Right.



megan and melissa said...

It looks like your weekend was alot of fun! I wish I was out this weekend having adventures....but alas I was stuck all weekend home, doing my homework for this Monday. Stinks...I know. Hope you are having a good Monday. Can't wait to read more posts. Thanks for commenting on my blog (we don't have a company yet..but hopefully someday can open up some kind of shop (possibly called Fiddlesticks), selling I am sure amazing things)...Feel free to come over and visit anytime...

The Doyles said...

How fun is camping right!? for a day or two max. I love that you still manage to look stylin' whilst camping. who are u? you go girl!

Tanya said...

I am so happy to have made it on to your blog. . . it really brings me great joy. As does the picture of our husbands dancing around like apes. You are a doll. Let's hang again soon please! more trendy restaurants n' such. . .

much love,
Tan Tapp Ras