What's better than free incredible concerts? Nothing.

Iron & Wine.
August 20th.
Gallivan Center.
Free. Free. Free.

Could I be more excited? I submit that I could not. 
I failed to mention the other band that will be playing with Iron & Wine that night, a recent discovery for me Okkervil River. Check out, Unless it Kicks, good song. 
The week before, I missed Jenny Lewis (Of Rilo Kiley) and Bon Iver. I haven't heard much of Jenny Lewis' solo stuff but I can't imagine it being anything short of amazing. Bon Iver is absolutely my new favorite, definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.


erin louise said...

Hey ash...it's Erin from work. I love your blog and your engagement photos, you're right they are amazing.

Jess said...

I'll tell you what's better...... having babies!!! Beat that dirty!

Rodney and Tanya said...

So I was at the library last night and I saw that CD cover and recognized it from you blog. . . they are pretty good! I may just have to go to that free concert. Um and about us being published, we have been trying to get our photographer's pics published for months (because we love him so) and Utah bride blog finally did it! sorry we are lame and copied you ha ha! But yeah Rod laughed way hard when you said darls, he loves it when people use words that he made up! ha ha. Tell Curtis to get his crap together and call us for a date! :)
- Tan

Kayla Porter said...

The blog looks good!