An Amazing Sunday

So as usual I am up studying at all hours of the night. I usually start studying around 10pm and stop at 2 or 3am each night. I don't get distracted by noises in the house, activities going on, and my phone ringing. I usually just sit here at my desk and listen to Pandora.com. Tonight an amazing song popped up. Here it is on youtube:

It is an old Bob Dylan song that has been covered by countless artists and for good reason. When I sat here listening to it my heart just became full of emotion. The words spoke the feelings of my heart and I tried to call Ashley to wake her up and tell her how much I love her... but no answer. I had to pour out the words of my heart somewhere.

I love you Ashley. I will forever love you. I still feel like the luckiest guy to be able to call you mine after all this time and after all we have been through. I fall more and more in love with you all the time. Never have I been able to be so comfortable with someone. You allow me to be myself, the often immature, frequently childlike boy that I strive to hold on to. I hope we will always be able to hold on to pieces of those two little kids. Seeing pictures of us as children evokes so much emotion in my heart. I can't believe that two little kids from opposite ends of the valley grew up, found each other, fell in love, and will be getting married forever in just a month. I can't wait for that day. I can't wait to be with you everyday for the rest of my life.

We fell in love so fast. The first time I told you I loved you still brings a smile to my face. The night I leave for India we are driving down the freeway and she is telling me some story about work and I cut her off mid-sentence and say "I love you." I just remember thinking how beautiful you were, how you made me feel, and the love you poured out to me. I just had to tell you. I will never forget your response, and the look on your face.

This weekend was amazing. It was a glimpse of the way things will be when we are married. We were with each other for endless hours. We spent all day on Saturday with my family and friends and all Sunday with your family. We fit so well with each others families. This Sunday was the first time that I truly felt a part of your family. From your cute Grandma G, your sweet sweet mom, your loving dad, all the way down to Ben and Morgan. They are amazing. I felt like they were my family today. I loved that. I could never find another family that I wanted to be brought into more than yours.

I love you Buckwheat.

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Ashley.Latimer said...

That's the reason I am so in love with you...a month from today everything in our lives changes, but this is the change we have been eagerly waiting for. I love you