Quriky: (adj.) Strikingly unconventional.

Today Curtis and I went suit shopping. The suit is fantastic, and Curtis looks incredibly handsome and dashing in it. I'm excited to see us both all dressed up on our wedding day, it's almost just a month away and we couldn't be more thrilled.
I realized today that Curtis has a lot of quirks. One of which is very odd. Every time Curtis goes outside in the sun, he sneezes. We have no idea why, but every single time this happens. It's gotten to the point where he doesn't even notice it anymore. But I do. 
He also does this thing when he is working on something where he blows and sucks in air. It would sound like nothing to any average joe, but what he is actually doing is singing...by blowing and sucking air. Every time he starts this up, I always say, "What are you singing?" 
Whenever he is shopping, examining something with scrutiny, he tilts his head kind of pushes out his stomach and has his hands on his hips. It's hilarious.
He also feels the need to smell everything, doesn't matter what it is. He smells it.
He does everything to perfection. Everything has to be up to Beyer standard or it just doesn't cut it. So you know if Curtis is doing something, it's going to be dang near perfect. For example, we want picture frames on our tables for our reception. We have been going to the D.I. quite frequently looking for old wood frames. Not only is Curtis sanding them, but he is also priming them and painting them to perfection. 
I love him, and I am so excited to get married. So so excited. I wish it would just come a little faster, yet I have so much to do it just can't.


Kayla Porter said...

It's called photic sneeze reflex. I remember learning about it in eighth grade science class. Hahah.


Ashley.Latimer said...

Really? There is an answer for it. You never fail me Kayla dear. Remember how Sunday was actually pretty great? Who knew a little mini high school reunion could be so fun. Not I.

RoTan said...
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RoTan said...

Yeah I sneeze every time I go out into the sun too!! I was asking people the other day if they do too and everyone said no.