Ashley has been great at posting all of these beautiful pictures and stories and it has been so easy for me to just tell people about our blog so they can see the happenings of our engagement. But I wanted to post some of my thoughts on the past year and a half and specifically the last few months.

Ashley is amazing, and I just don't say that casually or as an overused cliche. She truly is an amazing, intelligent, talented and spiritual giant and for that I will love her forever. I have never met someone who is more giving and loving than Ashley. What started from us meeting in a business writing class at the University of Utah in the fall of 2007 has turned into the most rewarding relationship of my life. We have had our trials and through them we have learned so much. Many people know of us taking a break about 2 months ago. We broke up for a little over a months and although it was terrible for us both it gave us perspective and made us truly realize the amazing friendship and love we share and how we can be more for each other. I feel lucky to be able to call Ashley mine, but more so now than ever. Knowing what life would be like without her scared me, and the thought of that still tears me apart. I could never ask for, or find a more incredible girl. I love you Ash. -Curtis


Ani / AnaAlicia said...

that is the cutest thing ever.

JameeMaLee said...

Now what will we talk about at work? ;)